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Montreal, West Island, Laval and Basses-Laurentides
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Extermination in Montreal, West Island, Laval, North Shore and South Shore

At the Institut Régional de Contrôle Antiparasitaire et d'Extermination (IRCAE), our mission is to offer the public the best pest control service in Québec.

Renowned for its expertise, the Institut oversees four businesses covering the Greater Montreal, Laval and Lower Laurentians territories. We offer complete extermination, prevention, insect identification and consultancy (estimate and inspection report) services, 7 days a week, intended for individuals as well as businesses and institutions. Our experienced technicians licensed by the Ministry of Environment favour safe, proven interventions and techniques to achieve the best results. We prefer to use natural biodegradable products and our work is guaranteed.

We exterminate all types of pests in all seasons, including the following common species:

- Spiders
- Cockroaches
- Pill bugs
- Carpenter ants
- House ants
- Pavement ants
- Pharaoh ants
- Wasps, hornets, bees and horse flies
- Silverfish
- Earwigs
- Fleas
- Bedbugs
- Pyralids and moths
- Rodents: rats, mice and field mice
- And many more

Did you know that for every harmful species, there are good reason to call upon licensed professionals? Here are a few.

Carpenter ants
Our exclusive injection technique allows us to guarantee the extermination of carpenter ants inside a building for a period of 18 months (unique in the industry).

Few insects can damage a building as badly as carpenter ants. Contrary to what one might think, carpenter ants do not eat wood. They use it to make their nest. They dig galleries in the softer parts of the wood, following the grain. A telltale sign of their presence is a small mound of sawdust underneath the entrance hole to the nest.

Knowing that a single queen can found a colony of over 2,000 worker ants, imagine the significant damage they can cause to the structure of a property. If you notice ants inside the house during the winter or see them flying inside the house in the spring, during their mating period, there is a good chance one or more ant colonies have infested the place. If you do not exterminate them quickly, you could face major damage to various points of the building's structure.

Cockroaches are harmful to man, especially inside the house. Cockroaches produce foul-smelling secretions, in addition to contaminating food with bacteria and spreading diseases. It only takes a single cockroach entering a building for all the rooms to become infested. Since these insects hide in the walls, special techniques are required to exterminate them all.

As for rodents, especially rats, sometimes all it takes is a cracked sewer pipe for them to find their way into your house and start feeding at your expense. Mice and field mice can also sneak through small cracks, ventilation ducts, etc., to settle down in your home and start a family. Rodents tend to travel inside the walls, and their extermination must be done in such a way as to avoid their bodies staying there since putrefaction causes persistent bad smells, not to mention a proliferation of bacteria and mould.

It can also be difficult to exterminate moths and bedbugs. Sometimes brought back from a trip abroad, these tiny insects can be ignored at first, but they will quickly invade your living space. You will notice them by the bite marks they leave behind, or by finding holes or stains on your clothing.

You may be wondering if you are eligible to use the IRCAE's services. Note that the Institut Régional de Contrôle Antiparasitaire et d'Extermination serves a residential customer base, but also the public and semipublic sectors, manufactures, institutions, restaurants and the agro-processing industry. The Institut comprises four branches:

- Extermination West Island
- Extermination Extercan
- Extermination des Monts
- Extermination des Mille-Îles

Between them, these branches cover a wide territory including the West Island, Montreal and the island of Laval. On the North Shore, many of our clients are located in the municipalities of Boisbriand, Ste-Thérèse, Blainville, Rosemère and Ville Lorraine. In the heart of the Lower Laurentians, the organization serves the towns of St-Jérôme, St-Sauveur-des-Monts, Ste-Adèle and St-Jovite, among others, in addition to all small neighbouring municipalities.

For your convenience, the Institut accepts Visa and Master Card credit cards as well as checks and cash payments.

All products used are labelled and approved by Agriculture Canada, and given equal effectiveness, the Institut (IRCAE) favours natural and biodegradable products. All technicians are experienced and licensed by the Ministry of Environment, and make it their duty to offer a personalized, courteous service while taking good care of the infested environment and using safe, guaranteed eradication methods.

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