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Security windows - Sun protection
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Security windows - Sun protection

Access Protection is a company who specializes in the sale and installation of window film that greatly improves the performance of glass. Designed to make doors and windows safer and much more resistant, also providing increased protection against breakage caused by accidents or vandalism. Panorama and SolarGard solar films are easy to maintain and contribute to decrease your energy costs while improving comfort in your living space.

By filtering the sun's energy, they block a significant amount of heat, ensuring your indoor space remains cool and comfortable even during a heat wave. Lightly tinted or invisible they minimize reflections and glare. Solar protection films block over 99% of UV rays that are responsible for the discoloration and deterioration of indoor spaces and they make your windows safer by keeping glass shards in place in the event of breakage.

Installing solar films in the workplace to maintain a comfortable temperature has been proven to not only conserve energy, but also decrease occupational accidents and increase productivity.

In addition to improving aesthetics and comfort at your place of business or residence, they comply with the strictest international and environmental standards. Service available in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, everywhere across Canada.

Access Protection, the window film specialists for security, safety, comfort or privacy.

In brief
The window film products offered by Access Protection will protect against vandalism, accidental breakage and the sun. Security films strengthen your existing glass providing you with an additional layer of protection. Solar films ensure your living space maintains an ideal temperature and can protect you from the sun's harmful effects. Service available across Canada, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver... For piece of mind, superior indoor comfort and protection of your valuable possessions and the ones you love, request the professional services of Access Protection, the Window Film Specialists.

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